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The Vision


The new Super League competition will see the league split into two divisions of twelve, a new Super8s phase of the league and the excitement of the play-offs and Grand Final.


The aim is to deliver even more thrills and intensity for the audiences both at home and in the stadiums, as well as enhancing the competitive battle and jeopardy between teams in all divisions, making sure ‘every minute matters’.


With battles for the play-offs, the fight for the Super8s and promotion and relegation, it promises to be the most exciting season for many years.


The top twelve clubs have never been more closely matched and this will be even more intense in 2015.


























What You Need To Know


  • Super League is reduced to 12 very competitive teams for the 2015 season


  • A second tier of 12 teams will be introduced beneath this for the 2015 season, known as the Championship


  • The top 12 teams from Super League 2014 will make up Super League in 2015, and the remaining two sides will join Championship clubs


  • Each team will play each other home and away in their respective league, plus a Magic Weekend fixture


  • After 23 rounds, final league position determines phase two of the new look competition, known as Super8s


  • The top 8 teams will fight it out for the play-offs, the middle 8 teams will fight for promotion and relegation and the final 8 teams will look to avoid being demoted from the new look structure


  • After phase 2, the top four teams will go head-to-head in the new look play-off semi-final series aiming for a place at the Grand Final at Old Trafford, while the 4th and 5th placed teams in the Qualifiers to decide who will play in Super League and who will play in the Championship in 2016.


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