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Ex-Hull FC scrum half Craig Murdoch is the very first former star of the Black and White jersey, to blog about his days with Airlie Birds, in a series of ex-players blogs that will celebrate the 150 year existence of Hull FC.

“I remember on my first day of training for the club, I turned up at Gordon Street gym and after spending five years at Wigan Warriors, instantly thought what have I come to?

Even back in the late nineties the facilities were awful; the place was damp, I mean really wet and stank of sweat.

However that was a stark contrast to the welcome I received, which could not have been better and all the boys were really friendly and took me in brilliantly.

My best moment in a Black and White shirt was probably in a game against Leeds in 1998, because they came into the match unbeaten and top of the Super League.

We managed to beat them at the Boulevard in the pouring rain, and even to this day can still hear the Threepenny Stand singing, sign him up, because I was still on loan at the time, and that was a great feeling in a fantastic stadium.

My time at Hull also allowed me to play with not only best player I have ever played with, but a great man as well, the one and only Steve Prescott.

Steve was great fun to be around, on and off the field, and he was the ultimate winner in everything he did, whether that be on the training ground, on the field or away from rugby altogether.

Whether you were playing cards with him at training or running up hills, he was simply determined to win, and that is a marvellous attribute to have. He is a man that I miss every single day.

Looking back now it was totally different from today, it was almost compulsory for the single guys to hit the marina, with which ever married guys could get a pass.

I was single and really liked the interaction with the Hull fans, I made some good friends with people I still call mates today Brooksey and Johny Morrow top blokes.

It is a great club even now to still be associated with, and I am so proud to have been able wear the Black and White shirt.”


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